I have spent the better part of my life pursuing acting and would like to share with you some of the highlights of how I got started. It all began in a small 500 watt radio station in... no, just kidding. It did start with my family singing around the piano after dinner in a small town in Connecticut. My mother wrote shows for the town and put me in them starting at 5 years old.

I went on to a great summer program at Yale University taught by the graduate professors. Earl Gister was the dean. It was a very exciting time. After Yale, I attended Cushing Academy where I developed my love for Shakespeare. Jack Cruse was my Drama teacher and was an inspiration.

With the help of Morris and Phoebe Carnovsky... (Group Theater) the next stop was Ithaca College, 2 monologues and a song got me in to the Theater Department, where I met my new mentor, Richard Clark. It was his first year picking a freshman class so we were both new. Wow! Best 4 years ever!

When I graduated, Richard recommended that I pursue voice overs in NYC. We had done radio in college, and he was confident I could have a career in radio given the quality of my voice and my ability to manipulate it. I have been doing VO's and Commercials ever since. This website highlights some spots that I have done over the years.

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Mark D. Friendman